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  • CD in digipack + digital download
  • Digital download of 5 track album in 320kbps mp3 or lossless FLAC formats

“Producer Alistair Murphy makes grandly optimistic prog/classical music and the title track of his latest orchestrated collection allows the Norfolk native’s grand ambition suitable reach. A beast of a journey that’s both tender and touching”

Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror

By day, a mild Norfolk museum curator and by night a be-caped purveyor of sophisticated excess, Alistair Murphy’s second solo album finds the eccentric keeper of antiquities in fully-fledged Orchestral Rock mode. Consisting of one twenty minute side-long spanning epic and four shorter pieces, the album revels in its non-digital-era arrangements and 1970s influenced sense of scale.

Orchestrated by Phil Toms and featuring the Ely Sinfonia conducted by Steve Bingham, Inside The Whale also includes the ever-versatile Pat Mastelotto on drums. Developing further the musical and lyrical themes that marked his quirky debut Sometime Soon, Inside The Whale evokes singer-songwriter, Progressive and 20th Century Classical styles.

A modern man adrift in the modern world using modern technology to make a traditional statement of grand intent, The Curator is a fascinating anachronism; not quite of this time or any other.

Tim Bowness

“Having tasted the wonderful multiple violin overdubs of Steve Bingham on Sometime Soon I wanted more of these textures. Bored of shiny digital string samples almost as soon as I had first heard them in nineteen-eighty-sometime, I recently set out with Steve and string arranger Phil Toms on the road to orchestral heaven. With Phil slipping the tadpoles on the telegraph lines and he and Steve caught in huddles at the side of the road smirking over some obscure musical reference we went down the neglected pathway of rock orchestration. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Tony Visconti, Dee Palmer, Nicky Harrison, Mick Ronson and others, we strode on…(it was fun too).” Alistair Murphy.

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