Sunset Over The Weald



Product Description

8 track CD EP

Composer F L Dunkin Wedd’s new CD “Sunset Over The Weald”. Priced at just £5 this CD features a wide variety of Laurie’s vocal and instrumental compositions. The composer writes:

“I am so happy to be able to share the recording of Clifford and Dilys Benson performing my World War One songs – a private recording they made in their music room and which has been prepared for this CD by Mark Fawcett. As well as being an internationally-admired artist, Clifford was a very dear friend. He died on the 10th August 2007, and I miss him all the time.”

Track listing:

1. Sunset over the Weald
Played by The Burrells Brass Quintet: Matilda Lloyd and Katie Lodge – trumpets; Jake Rowe – horn; William Barnes-McCallum – trombone; Nic Walker – tuba.

2.  Remember
Poem by Christina Rossetti. Sung by Elspeth Marrow with Christopher Gould, piano.

3.  Harp Song of the Dane Women
Poem by Kipling. Sung by Elspeth Marrow with Christopher Gould, piano.

4. Flowers of Zen
Haiku poems by Bashō, translated by Lucien Stryk. Sung by Eleanor Meynell with Christopher Gould, piano.

5. Invictus
Poem by W E Henley. Sung by Roberto Mancusi with Johnathan Vest, piano.

6 – 8.  Three Women’s Poems from World War One
Poems by Eleanor Farjeon, Margaret Postgate Cole, and Winifred M Letts. Sung by Dilys Benson, with Clifford Benson, piano.