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Touchable Dreams



Product Description

  • CD in digipack + digital download
  • Digital download of 23 track album in 320kbps mp3 or lossless FLAC formats

This unique CD is a collaboration between poet, writer and musician Jeremy Harmer, and violinist Steve Bingham. It juxtaposes poetry and music on the theme of love to create an emotional experience where the music enhances the poetry and the words give new meaning to the music.

  • Steve Bingham: violin, electric violin, pedals, loops
  • Jeremy Harmer: voice

Taking its title from a poem by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Touchable Dreams is an exploration of the symbiosis between the expressive beauty of words and the ethereal poetry of music. Both aim to express the passion, tenderness and agony of deep feeling, and when they complement each other, the effect can be extraordinarily intense.

Sometimes, in Touchable Dreams, words follow the music, echoing its plangent harmonies; at other times music follows the words, transforming their individual power into raw emotion. And sometimes the words and the music are intertwined in an almost physical interdependency.

In the words of Steve and Jeremy, “we want to show how music and words – the very bases of human emotion – can co-exist and enhance each other’s power for one of the greatest emotions – love – of the human experience.”

Music from Bach and Pachelbel, to Chick Corea and George Harrison, with poems from Shakespeare and Hardy to Carol Ann Duffy and Roger McGough.

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